Welcome to LAMAT

A summer research internship program funded by the National Science Foundation

Lamat is an integrated eight-week summer program designed to introduce students to astrophysical research methods and tools through original research projects in computational astrophysics.

The selected interns will work closely with faculty and PhD students at UCSC from the Physics, Earth and Planetary Sciences, and Astronomy Departments. With seventeen participating faculty members, we make up the largest group of computational astrophysicists in the world. The internship will provide the participant with the opportunity to work in a project utilizing some of the world’s most advanced computers. The goal of the internship is not solely to train astrophysicists but to utilize astrophysical simulations as an exciting medium for imparting a broad array of scientific skills.  Key components of the program include intensive research instruction through summer internships, academic counseling and mentoring. 

Dates for the Summer REU Program are June 20 – August 13, 2016. A stipend and housing will be provided for LAMAT students.

Boot Camp

All finalists will be expected to attend a “Winter Science Computational Boot Camp” held at the  University of California, Santa Cruz from  January 10th – 15th, 2016  in preparation for the summer internship. Full financial support will be provided for all winter boot camp participants.

For more information regarding the Boot Camp, please visit the Boot Camp Website.


The Lamat program targets undergraduate students in science and engineering currently enrolled in community colleges in California who might not have research experience, although we welcome applications from other 2-year institutions. Our intent is to provide a unique, comprehensive introduction to computational astrophysics physics for undergraduate students early in their careers. We will provide students with an intensive, demanding but supportive environment in which they can immerse themselves in a research project alongside other highly motivated students. 

The main selection criteria will be outstanding academic accomplishments and promise of future achievement.


The Lamat application for summer 2016 opens October 5th. Priority will be given to those who apply by November 20th, 2015. After November 20th, applications will be considered on a space availability basis. Finalists will be notified after December 4th, 2015. Application materials are available on the Application Page.

For More Information

For further information contact the program director, Professor Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz, at enrico@ucolick.org

Click here for a pdf version of our LAMAT poster!